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The meditation will be taken by the teacher of Tokyo Vipassana Meditation Dojo.
Accommodation fee will be applied to all meditation participants.

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Jisho Shizuka

Bishop of Nanpuku-ji Temple (Shiga)
M.A. of Koyasan University
Teacher of Tokyo Vipassana Meditation Dojo

Born in Seiryo-in Temple in Koyasan
Finished cultural anthropology from Kyoto Prefectural University
Missionary of Shingon-Buddihism in USA (from 2003 to 2006)
Teacher of Aji-kan Meditation
Teaches Buddihism at Loyola College in Los Angels
Performed Sho-myo holy songs at American Academy of Religion
Performed Goma fire service at Burningman in Black Rock City
Complete Vipassana Meditation course at Chennai (India), Dharmabahnu (Kyoto)

His Book: "Traveling India with Saraswati"