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Seiryo-in is not a Shukubo where meals and other services are offered.
Ask us about accommodation, meditation, retreats, or any kinds of activities.
You can stay by just one person from one night.
We also welcome "Ohenro". You can use us for "Zenkon-yado".


Temple is not an inn.
Temple people or other guests are living in there.
Keep polite and follow the rules below.

Off limit to the main house.
No smoking in the temple.
Clean the rooms, corridor, bathrooms, kitchen when you check out.
Return Futon to the original place. Uncover the duvet cover and the mattress pad.
Return the room key and get the inspection.

Separate the trash: burnables, unburnables, plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans.

Keep your valuables with your own responsibility.
We are not responsible for any loss, theft, or any other kind of damages.

You are responsible for your cause of property damages, loss, fire, water damages to the temple.
When the damage is prominent, you must pay for its recovering fee.

We definitely refuse any people from illegal organizations.

Police will be called with fighting, illegal drug usage, theft, raping or any other illegal activities.
We'll ask immediate leave or conduct legal procedures.

We ask you to respect to the religiously sacred place of Koyasan in order for all can spend comfortable time.